Board of Directors


Przemysław Marszał, President of the Management Board
Graduate of the Faculty of Architecture at the University of Ecology and Management. Member of the Management Board of Metropolis Software in 2005–2009. He started his career in the computer gaming sector as a graphic designer, and quickly became head of team. As the chief artist, he is responsible for the final appearance of all 11 bit studios S.A. games, from the first sketch to the day of their release. He designed the entire ‘charcoal drawing’ appearance, which became one of the most distinctive features of This War of Mine.


Grzegorz Miechowski, Member of the Management Board
Graduate of the Faculty of Information Technology and Management at the Wrocław University of Technology. He has been involved in developing computer games since the early 1990s, when he founded Metropolis Software House, one of the first game development studios in Poland, which he successfully headed in 1999–2009. One of the founders of 11 bit studios S.A. and the author of the original concept of This War of Mine, a game which proved to be a worldwide success.

Michał Drozdowski, Member of the Management Board
Graduate of the Faculty of Economics and Management at the Higher School of Commerce and Law. He worked as a designer for Lead 3D in 2002–2005. In 2006, he joined Metropolis Software, where he served as the Design Director from 2007. At 11 bit studios S.A., Michał Drozdowski was responsible for the design of all 11 bit studios S.A. games, including titles from the Anomaly series, Funky Smugglers and This War of Mine.



Paweł Feldman, Member of the Management Board

Graduate of the Faculty of Management, University of Warsaw. Highly experienced, senior gaming industry professional, with deep insight into the gaming business, both from the publisher’s and developer’s perspective. He’s worked on many critically acclaimed titles such as The Witcher, This War of Mine and Frostpunk.His focus is mostly on strategy, business, sales and marketing operations. He’s been with 11 bit studios since 2012, where he’s been overseeing sales operations, launching the publishing business, dealing with all new business development and lately IP/brand development


Marek Ziemak, Member of the Management Board

Graduate of the Cybernetics Faculty of the Jarosław Dąbrowski Military University of Technology with a major in Computer Science: IT Management Systems. Completed postgraduate Master of Business Administration programme for IT personnel at Kozminski University. 

He started his professional career in the video game industry in 2006 when he joined the CD Projekt RED team as a game tester. He later served as a gameplay designer and developer. He left the ranks of CD Projekt RED for good in 2014 when he joined the nascent publishing division of 11 bit studios. Executive Producer of publishing projects since 2019, and Head of External Development since 2020. In 2015–2021, a lecturer in video game development at the Warsaw Film School.