Deluxe version for real fans of the game

Fans can already pre-order the base version of Frostpunk 2 (retail price 44.99 USD/EUR) or Digital Deluxe version (74.99 USD/EUR) on Steam and Microsoft Store.

The PC version of Frostpunk 2 will debut on July 25th, 2024, the Management Board of 11 bit studios S.A. has decided. “We know that fans are very much looking forward to the release of Frostpunk 2, a fact confirmed, for instance, by the game’s huge wishlist on Steam. We aim to prepare for this premiere as best as we can and deliver a product that will surpass players’ expectations,” says Przemysław Marszał, CEO of 11 bit studios S.A. He emphasises that Frostpunk 2 is not just a straightforward continuation of the first game in the series, which debuted in 2018. Instead, it is an equally ambitious product in which difficult, morally complex choices about managing communities in a post-apocalyptic, frozen world have been elevated to a level never before seen in video games.

Frostpunk 2 | Date Reveal Trailer

Simultaneously, 11 bit studios S.A. decided to commence pre-sales of Frostpunk 2 on Steam and Microsoft Store. Both the Frostpunk 2 base game (44.99 USD / 44.99 EUR / 37.99 GBP) and the Digital Deluxe edition (74.99 USD / 74.99 EUR / 62.99 GBP) are available for pre-order today on Steam and the Microsoft Store. Additionally, the Digital Deluxe edition on Steam will be discounted by 10 percent.

The Digital Deluxe edition of the game includes:

* Base game

* Seven-day beta access to part of the Sandbox mode in April

* Three paid post-release DLCs

* Exclusive access to the story mode 72 hours before the official release

* “Warm Flesh” digital novella, an enticing excerpt from the upcoming Frostpunk book anthology

* Digital artbook & soundtrack

Mark your calendars for Frostpunk 2 as it arrives on Windows PC and through PC Games Pass on the 25th of July. Launching on consoles at a later date, the game will also be coming to Xbox Game Pass.